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Scammer on 0114 4630019 using International & UK calls

Discussion in 'Telepests' started by Moon Raker, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Moon Raker

    Moon Raker Member

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Call Blocker
    Here is a new (to me) telepest and this one is a bit devious - see TC logs below. The first call I received from this scammer used an International number with a spoofed caller ID of 0114 4630019 and was blocked by my TC unit by playing 'unobtainable' tone. But the very next day they phoned again using the same (Sheffield) spoofed number but this time as a UK call - so that was met with 'shield and whisper'. That number is of course now blocked via Zap. This suggests that some scammers are wising up to the use of call blockers and looking for ways around them.
    17/04/17 15:55 01144630019 INTERNATIONAL 00:05 [Sheffield] Call from an International caller / Play unobtainable tone / Hung up during screening
    18/04/17 13:41 01144630019 00:05 [Sheffield] Unrecognised caller / Shield & Whisper / Hung up during screening
  2. Top Cat

    Top Cat Administrator Forum Volunteer

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Classic + Extra + Recorder
    Englishman in Wales!
    I have one such example in my recent logs:
    08/04/17 11:57 01278745673 INTERNATIONAL 00:06 [Bridgwater] Caller sent to answering machine - no message left
    ...with no equivalent non-international entry.

    I suspect the ICP programming that interprets the registered CLI should be doing something other than flagging a UK point of origin when the international tag is set.

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