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Moderators - Purpose and Function

Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Top Cat, May 23, 2013.

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  1. Top Cat

    Top Cat Administrator Forum Volunteer

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Classic + Extra + Recorder
    Englishman in Wales!
    From time to time we might invite suitably upstanding forum members to become moderators. It is important that invitees (and normal members also) understand the role and what is expected.

    A forum moderator is like a school prefect. The intention is to keep an eye on the general behaviour of forum members through their posts, and ensure that posts are in keeping with the aims and spirit of the forum. In the case of this forum, that means topics and posts should be principally about trueCall with little deviation (except in the dedicated sections for discussion forum issues, or the Village Pump section, or any other forum section with an alternative purpose, in keeping with that purpose).

    Further, posts are expected not to be abusive or offensive, contain advertising or link to advertising material, and not be obfuscated so that the staff can't tell whether they contain material contrary to these aims - and that includes the use of languages other than English.

    These principles can be upheld by a variety of means, and the action taken should be proportionate to the offence. The action taken by the moderators will be monitored by the senior staff and used to assess their suitability to continue in the role of moderator.

    Moderators are expected to:
    • Show zero tolerance for spammers - tools are available to disable the spammer's login and remove all the spammer's content from the forum. In the case where a member has contributed useful material to the forum but then posted something that can be construed as spam, that individual post can be deleted or modified and the member issued with a warning.
    • Take the least possible action which will resolve a situation, eg offensive language could be edited out of a post and a warning message attached to the post.
    • Act on requests through forum posts or via the Report button to move a topic to a different (more appropriate) forum section or individual posts into a different topic, if the request is well founded. New Members might also request edits or deletions to their own posts before their probationary period is over and they are promoted to Member with edit and delete privilege.
    • Consider reports of abuse for validity, and only act if the report is well founded and not malicious.
    • Refer to senior staff if in any doubt as to appropriate action.
    Moderators are expected not to:
    • Act disproportionately or otherwise abuse their powers, on pain of having moderator status removed or further sanctions if the abuse warrants, as seen fit by senior staff.
    Members are expected to:
    • Use the Report button (available on every post) to draw attention to any content that is or appears to be contrary to the aims and conduct of this forum, as stated in (but not limited by) the terms and conditions available for inspection here: http://truecallcommunity.co.uk/help/terms
    In all cases, appeals may be made to senior staff, and ends with me.

    How Will We Select Moderators?

    This is a problem. We need moderators, the senior staff cannot be on the alert at all times and more poeple potentially on watch means less time for any particular abuse to be on public view before it is removed. Moderators should not be chosen from avid posters, because that would be like letting the poachers be game-keepers too, and yet we can only assess the suitability of candidates from the posts they have made.

    Therefore, please do not be offended if you have not been invited to become a moderator. You may be a valued contributor, in which case you will almost certainly not be offered moderator status. Be sure however, that asking to be a moderator will almost certainly disqualify you.
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