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How I avoid some Telepests

Discussion in 'Telepests' started by Roger, May 20, 2013.

  1. Roger

    Roger Moderator Forum Volunteer

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    trueCall Call Blocker + Recorder
    I have found that some Comparison Websites sell telephone numbers with Telemarketing Companies. I rang one of the cold callers that had been calling me to find why they repeatedly called me and told them that I was registered with the TPS and my number is ex-directory. They confirmed that they could have got my number from one of these Comparison Websites.

    If you are thinking of changing your supply for Gas, Electricity, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Telephone and Internet Service Providers, etc, you are likely to use one of these Comparison websites.

    As soon as you use a Comparison website them they want a telephone number and e-mail address. So what do I give the comparison websites as my phone number?

    It is probably a good idea that I don't give my home phone number at this point. If I eventually follow up one of their suggested companies I can give them my real number when I take up their service.

    So what do I give them because they do insist on a contact number?

    Personally, I give them a real phone number but not my own. The one I use is a public payphone number which they can try to call to their hearts content, on the off chance I might just be passing by.

    Of course, I could give them the number of one of the other cold callers that have been pestering me. I could look for one of these numbers in my call details and pick one that hung up during the whisper announcement. That way they will just be chasing each other and not annoying me.
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  2. shadowfax

    shadowfax Member

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    Ho-ho!, I really like that idea!

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