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Email notification when voicemail left

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by Tim Alsop, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Tim Alsop

    Tim Alsop New Member

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Call Blocker
    United Kingdom
    I am using trueCall in my company to screen incoming calls, and due to location of the phone line, the trueCall box is hidden from view (other side of building) and not near my desk. This means when somebody leaves a voicemail for me or somebody else in the company, I don't have any way to know other than to periodically access it remotely or login to the portal.

    It would be very nice if the trueCall box was able to send me an email to let me know that somebody called and give details, and perhaps even attach the voicemail so I can play it on my computer or mobile device.

    Also, if it was possible to let the caller leave the message for a specific person in the company, this would be great - at the moment all voicemails are left in same place instead of them being individual. I can see that the product is primary designed for home users, but when used in a business to front end the company inbound calls, these kinds of features would be useful.

    I would be prepared to pay more for a business capable device or software upgrade that has these features, if required.

  2. Top Cat

    Top Cat Administrator Forum Volunteer

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Classic + Extra + Recorder
    Englishman in Wales!
    To be able to email you, first it would need a network interface. This is something I have suggested before.

    With a network interface, the trueCall unit could have a simple web server control and status panel and be interrogated from any computer on the LAN. The ICP and weblinks would become unnecessary (removing the subscription), so the unit itself would be a business model with a significantly higher price point.

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