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Caller's code

Discussion in 'trueCall Call Blocker' started by UKfromFrance, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. UKfromFrance

    UKfromFrance New Member

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Call Blocker
    Hello, We have successfully used this filtering method for a certain range of callers at night time.

    I notice that, for the rejected calls, the message has always been :
    Callers number withheld/Ask for callers code/Callers code not entered

    It seems odd that no-one ever tries to enter a code
    Does the message actually mean "Correct" Callers code not entered ?

    Thanks for any insights.
  2. Top Cat

    Top Cat Administrator Forum Volunteer

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Classic + Extra + Recorder
    Englishman in Wales!
    All (I think) it means is that the call was from a withheld number, and the caller did not enter the break-through code (which they wouldn't, if it was a robo-call).

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