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2 days and first problem

Discussion in 'trueCall Call Blocker' started by Redgranite, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Redgranite

    Redgranite New Member

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Call Blocker
    Our initial phone socket is in the cupboard under the stairs and a cable feeds through the wall to a kitchen phone socket with a landline phone plugged in.
    A cable leads from the kitchen socket through to the lounge into trueCall and then to a wireless phone base.

    This morning an automated call got through to the 1571 service followed by a call centre call at lunchtime in spite of the trueCall unit apparently having been set up correctly 2 days ago on Tuesday 20th, including the 9 second 1571 recommendation.

    Later in the day we noticed that the trueCall button constantly glowed red and the wireless phone had no dialling tone. The landline phone in the kitchen had a dialling tone.

    I had to unplug the trueCall unit in order to get the wireless phone dialling tone back. The trueCall manual stated that it could work from
    any socket in the house so we are somewhat confused.

    Any ideas folks?

    Thank you
  2. Top Cat

    Top Cat Administrator Forum Volunteer

    trueCall Model:
    trueCall Classic + Extra + Recorder
    Englishman in Wales!
    Ideally, all your phones need to be connected through the trueCall unit. By having one phone connected before the trueCall unit, that phone is available to the outside world and the trueCall cannot block calls coming in other than by picking up the call before the phone rings too many times.

    It could be that your particular wireless phone doesn't cope with the trueCall very well. Is it analogue or DECT? Your post doesn't specify.

    For more information see here: http://truecallcommunity.co.uk/threads/phone-line-flow-through-or-bypass.11/

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