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09143 number

Discussion in 'Telepests' started by stu, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. stu

    stu New Member

    Hi All, TC intercepted a call from 09143 458002.I googled the number with no results, i can only assume that if this number comes up on a caller display then some people may return the call and get caught with a high call cost. Is this a regular thing now with these premium rate numders? Thanks Stu
  2. Ian022

    Ian022 New Member

    There is one important thing to remember about any calls that appear to 'come from' any non-geographic number starting 03, 08 or 09 or from a premium number starting 070.

    Those calls haven't in fact 'come from' those numbers at all. The call has come from a standard landline or mobile or from a VoIP connection and the caller has modified the 'presentation number' such that you see a different number on your caller display screen.

    Where the number presented looks like a normal landline (01, 02) or mobile (071-075, 07624, 077-079) number, there is still no guarantee that it represents the number of who is calling you.

    Genuine callers usually present a legitimate number that they can be reached on. Where this is a premium (084, 087, 09) number it is best to never call back. Spam and junk callers, fraudsters and others may present fake numbers, random digits, or a number that they want you to believe is genuine, but isn't, e.g. that they attempt to make you believe they are calling from your bank.

    What you see in Caller ID is no guarantee as to who is actually calling. Never take their word for it. For banks and other such sensative incoming calls, it is best to hang up and call back on a different device, using a number that you obtain from an official source, such as from existing genuine paperwork or on the official website.

    It is best to never call back any number that is presented on Caller ID unless you are sure of who the presented number really belongs to. Most genuine numbers can be verified using a Phone Book or the official website of the known organisation.

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